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Released in Japan by Small Planet

Clear plastic wall hanging featuring 24 pockets to put things in. On each pocket is a different picture of a Simpsons family member. Measures 900mm X 660mm (34in X 26in).

Four different soaps featuring Homer, Bart and Krusty the Klown. Homer on a rope, Homer bar soap, Bart bar soap and Krusty on a rope... read more

May 2002 Pewter Barware - link

Released by Unique Concepts / Rocket USA

Eight pewter bar accessories made by Unique Concepts and imported from the UK by Rocket USA... read more

Released by Rix Tins

This second set of tin coasters from Rix Tins may include a Duffman coaster, a Homer "It's Duff Time" coaster, a scene featuring Professor Frink and Otto and a Cletus "moonshine" coaster.

A promotional image of these coasters pictured the Duffman coaster as the image on the case, whereas the version shown at Toy Fair 2002 (pictured) shows the Homer "It's Duff Time" coaster as the case image.

Released in USA by Jazwares, Inc.

A series of plastic Simpsons sippers (basically character-shaped thermoses), each about 11" tall plus a straw. The series consisted of Homer, Krusty, and Bart sippers.

October 2002 Chia Homer - link

Released in USA by Chia

Clay Homer head designed for growing a "Chia" plant on. Add seeds and water Homer and soon he'll be growing Chia hair just like it was Dimoxonil.

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January 2003 Classic Tin TV Tray - link

Released by Rix Tins

Finally, something for all the couch potatoes! This retractable TV tray features everyone's favorite lazy father, Homer Simpson, doing what he does best, lounging. Includes 4 different scenes of Homer on the couch. Also, features Duff beer cans scattered around and text at the top saying, "When ... read more

How romantic, sipping champagne from these fine looking glasses. Can you think of a more romantic senario? I can't. Features: Each glass stands 8 1/4" tall x 2" wide; the front of one glass features Homer saying "Mmmmm....fizzy", with the Simpsons logo on the back; the other glass features Marge ... read more

Released in USA by Rix Products LLC

Light Switch cover featuring Homer and Barney saying, "You don't buy beer, you rent it."

Released in USA by Rix Products LLC

Light Switch cover featuring Ralph Wiggum saying, "Does paste have any vitamins in it?"

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