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Released by Fox Interactive

Create your own Simpsons cartoons with software which includes sound effects, music, voice clips, 25 animated backgrounds, 50 characters and 270 props... read more

Explore the world of Springfield in this "virtual reality" game for the PC and Macintosh operating systems.

Locations include all of your favorites like the Kwik-E-Mart, Moe's Tavern and 742 Evergreen Terrace ... read more

Released in Germany by A la Carte

A race to the finish game for four players. The game includes a playing board, instructions, four PVC figures of each character: Marge, Homer, Lisa and Bart, and a large die. These plastic game figures are quite large; Marge is 4" tall.

Released in USA by Tiger Electronics

Handheld game in which your mission is to help Homer win Employee of the Year at the SNPP annual picnic. Play as all five of the family members in five levels of play.

... read more

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Released in Germany by Dino Entertainment

Simpsons board game from Germany. Comes with 8 collectible PVC figures as playing pieces.

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Released by Cardinal Games

The original Simpsons Trivia game, which comes in a rectangular tin, and includes a small color "cast" poster.

Released in UK by Winning Moves

A fast-paced Simpsons board game with seven different games going all at once. You could find yourself clocking into the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, taking part in the School Field Trip, visiting the Kwik-E-Mart, taking Skinner's IQ test, performing Karaoke at Moe's or being elected Mayor giving you power over all other players... read more

Released by USAOpoly

Our favorite family teams up with the number one mystery game to bring you Simpsons Clue.

Each character from the original game is played by a resident of Springfield and items and locations from the show set the scene for you to solve the case of who killed Mr. Burns.... read more

Released by Cardinal Games

A second version of the Simpsons Trivia Tin, in a green shaped tin container embossed with an image of the Simpsons clan.

Some sets of Trivia Tin II are reported to come with identical trivia questions to those in the Trivia Tin I.

Released by THQ

Gameboy Color video game based on the Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes. Play Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge or Maggie as they maneuver through a nightmare version of Springfield and defeat possessed villians such as Mr. Burns, Moe, Principal Skinner and King Homer.

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