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Released by Activision

Playstation (PSX) game in which Simpsons characters wrestle each other inside of 10 different Springfield locations. Each of 22 different character has "smack talk" voice clips recorded by the Simpsons cast specifically for the video game. 1 or 2 players.

Released by USAOpoly

"The Simpsons hometown of Springfield is up for sale! Moe's, the Kwik-E-Mart and Burns Manor are just a few of the prime properties up for grabs. Buy, sell and trade your way to riches while you enjoy classic Simpsons fun. Includes 6 custom pewter tokens."... read more

Released by USAOpoly

A set of four extra tokens was available through mail order from USAOpoly . Tokens included:
Marge Simpson
Otto Mann
Lisa Simpson
Mr. Burns

Released in UK by Winning Moves

Top Trumps card game features Simpsons characters with their individual statistics. For example, Bart has the statistic "Greatest Anarchist 98%" and Ned Flanders has "Biggest Nerd 98%"

Released by Unique Concepts / Rocket USA

A brand new pewter chess set by Unique Concepts, the same people responsible for Homerisms and the Simpsons Barware series, available through Compton & Woodhouse catalog in the UK.
The set is being produced and sold two pieces at a time in the UK.... read more

Released by Cardinal Games

This is a new version of the Simpsons Trivia game, featuring a set of questions which are all about Bart! Tin is shaped like Bart, as well.

The three games with instructions included with this deck of cards are: "Bad Memory", "Cheat" and "Crazy Eats."... read more

Released by Rubik's

Bart's head is presented in 8 interlocking pieces, which can be rearranged in hundreds (thousands?) of different combinations. Based on the popular classic 3-color Rubik's cube, but with a great Simpsons flair.... read more

Released by Rubik's

Rubik's Cube, the world's most challenging puzzle, combines with Homer Simpson, the world’s most challenged man. Homer Simpson's head becomes a puzzle in this version of Rubik's Cube that utilizes the shapes of Homer's head instead of colors.... read more

Released by Rubik's

From the company that brought you the Rubik's Cube during the 80s comes this new kind of puzzle - Rubik's Magic, Simpsons style.

Fold and unfold the interlocking squares until you've completed the image of the Simpsons. There are two images to complete, one of Homer in the pool and one of ... read more

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