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Released by Cardinal Games

Featured in Cardinal Games' booth at Toy Fair 2002: Dominoes decorated with Simpsons character faces instead of dots - this set of super size double six dominoes comes in a tin travel container.

Released in USA by Rix Tins

A slightly-larger-than-life can of Duff Beer with a deck of Simpsons-themed playing cards inside.

Similar to the children's game "Operation", but with the object of tracing Homer's outline without hearing "D'oh!".

July / August 2002 Simpsons Pewter Chess Set - link

Released in USA by Rocket USA

Rocket USA will be distributing the chess set in the USA. It is expected to retail for between $600 and $800

For more information, please reference the original item for the UK release.

Released in USA by Tiger Electronics

A game that looks more fun that it actually is, this electronic tabletop trivia game tests your Homer IQ. There are 200 Homer-based trivia questions. Read the question and be the first to buzz in with the correct answer to win the point. Real character voices and phrases from the TV show ... read more

Released in USA by Tiger Games

Pocket-sized game with backpack clip in which Bart is attempting to run you down with his skateboard. A flashing sequence of three lights occurs over the three buttons. You must try to press any button except for the one that the flashing light is over. Each time you avoid the lit button the ... read more

Released by Rix Tins

Rix Tins premiered a great Moe's Tavern dartboard in their booth at Toy Fair 2002. No need to worry about those pesky dart holes in your wall- this baby's 100% magnetic.

Released by Cardinal Games

Another version of the Simpsons Trivia game, similar to Trivia Tin II, but with a different image of the Simpsons family embossed on the cover.

This item was featured at the Rix Tins booth at Toy Fair 2002.

Released in USA by Rix Tins

A slightly-larger-than-life can of Duff Beer with a deck of Simpsons-themed playing cards inside. The cards included with the second version are different from the first release.

Released by Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball is producing a new machine, which should start showing up around the first quarter of 2003. The game features detailed Simpsons images and even Simpsons action figures! All the voices used in the game were recorded specifically for it using all the original actors.

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