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Released in USA by Sababa Toys

Special edition UNO card game with Simpsons characters and a collector's tin. Includes an exclusive "Draw 3 Card". On the back of the tin is the following description:

"What happens when America's #1 Dysfunctional Family meets America's #1 Brand of Family Games? The result is UNO: The ... read more

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Released in USA by Pressman Toy Corp.

A board game version of "Jeopardy!" with a Simpsons twist. The game features 47 categories and over 1,100 answers. The set includes 47 game sheets with answers, game console, play money, game die, value display cards, clickers, instructions and questions.

Released in USA by University Games

"Battle of Sexes- The Simpsons is based on the original Battle of The Sexes game. The Simpsons edition aims to test your knowledge of the opposite sex with a series of funny, gender-bending question cards inspired by your favorite Springfield character!" Contents include: 1 Game Board, 108 Male ... read more

Released in USA by Hasbro/Parker Brothers

Card game featuring characters from the show with a list of statistics for each. These statistics are used in the game to win other players cards. The object of the game is to win all of the other players' cards.

Released by Wizards Of The Coast

A collectible card game (CCG) in the same spirit as Magic : The Gathering and the Star Wars CCG, which are also manufactured by Wizards of The Coast. The game will consist of 156 unique cards each featuring popular Simpsons characters and quotes. ... read more

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September 2003 Simpsons Hit & Run

Released by Radical Entertainment

From the makers of The Simpsons Road Rage comes a Grand Theft Auto style game set in our favorite town, Springfield!† Itís going to be a mission based driving game and is slated to hit all 3 major consoles mid September.† Players will be able to explore Springfield inside and out in over 40 ... read more

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Released in USA by USAopoly

"Simpsons Group Photo" is a card game featuring all-new Simpsons artwork from the artists at Fox! The basics are: players are dealt a "group photo" card that features six Simpsons characters and the first player to match the six cards in their hand to the six characters on their group photo ... read more

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Released in USA by Hasbro

A game similar to Simon (we assume) but with Simpsons sounds, clips and music.

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Released by The Five Mile Press

A collection of six 48-piece jigsaws based on pictures of The Simpsons.

Released in USA by Hasbro

Hasbro had released a Simpsons version of the classic 'Game of Life'. This game allows players to go through a series of events simulating the events that occur in life. The most successful person at the end of the game wins. This game is very specific to the Simpsons, with a Nuclear Power Plant ... read more

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