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A series of five bootleg copies of figures from the Mattel Simpsons Action Figures, Series 1; the bootleg figures were manufactured in China in 1990. Each figure is sealed to an identical Homer card, though the bubbles do vary. The knock-off packaging differs significantly from the Mattel packaging, see the comparison photo of the official Marge and the knock-off Marge below.

In addition to the card not matching the figure, the card proclaims "with 5 fatherly phrases" (as the original Mattel card states) but in fact does not include accessories with the Homer or Marge figures.

The Lisa figure includes a saxophone accessory, the Maggie figure includes a scooter and the Bart figure includes a skateboard accessory (which is in fact identical to Maggie's scooter without the top piece). No word bubble or phrases are included.

There is no art on the cardbacks, only raw brown cardboard. Each figures differs from the original in quality, coloring and in some cases in articulation. Paint is sloppy and untrimmed plastic protrudes from the pieces of the figures.

In-Package Images

Bootleg ``Mattel`` Homer Figure Bootleg ``Mattel`` Bart Figure Bootleg ``Mattel`` Lisa Figure Bootleg ``Mattel`` Marge Figure Marge Figure Comparison, Bootleg vs. Real Figure Bootleg ``Mattel`` Maggie Figure

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