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Bart Simpson, Bart the Fly

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Name:  Bart Simpson, Bart the Fly (Bart)
Release Info:  Exclusive, 2000 rel. 2000
Item Code:  F0018
Description:  Transporter experiment gone wrong, crossbred from a housefly and a mischevious ten year old boy. This is Bart’s regular body with a huge fly head.
Articulation:  4 points - neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, waist
Unique Phrases:  6
Compatibility Ratio:  2 / 39 environments
Packaging:  Boxed (T.R.U. exclusive)
Height & Weight:  3.3" [8.38 cm], 1.9 oz. [53.86 g]
Resistor Values:  10k & 33k

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Price Guide Values (as of 4/28/2003)

MSRPLow BookHigh BookValue Trend

 Treehouse of Horror I, Springfield Cemetary all pegs

"*bluahhhh bluh bluaah*" [Treehouse of Horror VIII]

"*crunchy slurping noises*" [Treehouse of Horror VIII]

"*slurping noise*" [Treehouse of Horror VIII]

 THOH 3, Ironic Punishment all pegs

"*animal eating noises*" [Treehouse of Horror VII]

"Do you know what it's like to be locked in an attic for ten years where your only friend is a baby-food jar full of screws?" [Treehouse of Horror VII]

"I went mad after they cut us apart, but I'll be sane once I sew us back together." [Treehouse of Horror VII]

Total Phrases (incl. duplicates): 6

Verified Incompatible Environments:

Living Room
Power Plant, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Springfield Elementary
Krusty-Lu Studios
Town Hall
Comic Book Shop, the Android's Dungeon
Bowl-a-Rama, Barney's
THOH 2, Alien Ship
Church, First Church of Springfield
Arcade, Noiseland Arcade
Lunar Base, Radioactive Man's Lunar Base
Family Christmas
Krusty Burger
Simpsons Kitchen
Springfield DMV
School Cafeteria
Mobile Home, Lurleen's Trailer
High School Prom
Police Station
Springfield Retirement Castle
Bowling Alley
Main Street
Burns Manor
Doctor's Office
KBBL Radio Station
Family New Year
Moe's Tavern
Bart's Treehouse
Military Antiques
THOH 4: Collector's Lair
Be Sharp Centennial
Aztec Theatre
Original Simpsons
Future Burns
Nuclear Power Plant Lunch Room

Total Verified Incompatible:  37

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