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We have many extremely passionate Simpsons collectors who post on our forums, but how many are passionate enough to open a Simpsons museum in their home? At last count, just one. SCS member "Dont Have A Cow" (check out his website) has been working hard on organizing his collection and display into one of the most unique of its kind. Thousands of items, loose and packaged, have been compiled for this. If you are interested in seeing his museum in person when it opens next month, he provides this info on our forums:

"The New Simpsons Museum is 90% completed. Expected completion date is May 1, 2004. That is the date it will open to the public (whether it is 100% finished or not). I welcome all of the members of the SCS Message Board and anyone else that lives in or near the Philadelphia / Cherry Hill area to stop by and see it. Email me at email us to set up a visit."

What is it: The Simpsons Museum is the personal collection of Dont Have A Cow Man ("Dont Have A Cow" on this message board). There are over 2000 Simpsons Items and almost all of them are in mint or near mint condition. Many items are very rare and some are even one of a kind. Everything is displayed with special track lighting to enhance your viewing pleasure. Many items are open and loose so you can truly enjoy them (rather than see what the package looks like). It may not be the largest Simpsons Collection in the world but it is one of the best displayed. Come and see for yourself. Admission is free!!!

We wish Yale the best of luck from one Simpsons collector to another.

Look up more information by keyword: museum, Simpsacrap

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