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Released by Pez

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Pez candy dispensers. Available in bagged and carded versions.

Released by Jelly Planet

Jelly lollipops of Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart have recently been spotted at Spencer Gifts. Retailing at a hefty $1.99 at Spencer, some may think that they aren't worth the price.... read more

Released by Kellogg's

Kellogg's released these two Simpsons cereals in late 2001, Bart Simpson's Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch (something like Captain Crunch cereal or Reese's Cereal) and Homer Simpson's Cinnamon Donuts Cereal.

... read more

Released by Kellogg's

"No Problem-O's" cereal features chocolate biscuits (cookies to us Yanks) emblazoned with Krusty, Sideshow Bob and Simpsons family member faces on them and powdered crunchy cereal Os ... read more

March 2002 Pez Keychains - link

Released by Basic Fun

Miniature versions of the Homer, Marge and Bart Pez dispensers on a keychain. Each dispenser holds four Pez candies.

Released by Brand New Products, LLC

Measuring 12 inches tall, this GIANT Homer Simpson PEZ dispenser really dispenses candy. When you tilt Homer's head back, an entire roll of PEZ candy comes out. Twelve rolls of PEZ are included.

Released by Chupa Chups

Package features Simpsons artwork of Bart and friends playing sports. Inside you will find a lollipop and one of 30 collectible stickers.

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Released in USA by Boston America

Shortbread cookies that come in four shapes, the heads of Homer, Bart, Apu, and Ralph Wiggum. Twelve ounce box.

Released in USA by Boston America

Shortbread cookies that come in four shapes, the heads of Homer, Bart, Apu, and Ralph Wiggum. Two ounce box.

Released by Bellywashers

Twelve ounce fruit drinks with cartoon-character heads. Homer, Bart and Lisa versions are available.

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