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Released in USA by Legends Of Entertainment

11" by 10" boxed set. Features 7" by 5" diary w/lock. White cover on diary shows Bart saying, 'Don't have a cow man'. Accompanying 3" by 4" address book has white cover with Bart holding slingshot and saying, 'Eat my shorts, man!'. Also includes two unsharpened pencils printed with Bart's image. ... read more

Released by Harry James

Ceramic coin bank featuring Bart in a blue shirt sitting on a green stool and reading a book; from the United Kingdom

Released by Berkeley Systems

After Dark compatible screensaver for Macintosh computers features 15 screen-saving displays. Features over 40 Simpsons characters, music, sound effects and dialogue.

Version 1.0, 3.5" HD floppy disk.

Released by Harper Horizon

Twelve month wall calendar. Each month features a holiday-themed illustration of OFF.

Three-hundred sixty-five day box calendar featuring quotes from Homer Simpson.

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September 1999 Homer's Head Radio

Released by Wesco

Just what every Simpsons fan needs - a radio shaped like Homer's head.

The unique feature of this radio is that Homer's left eyeball acts as the volume knob and his right eyeball acts as the tuning dial.

Released by Harper Entertainment

Twelve month wall calendar. The theme, "Are We There Yet", highlights twelve favorite Springfield locations.

Released by Harper Entertainment

Twelve month wall calendar, featuring a Classic TV moments theme.

Released in Italy by Distriferia SA

Resin figure of Bart looking unhappy with his hands in his pockets, attached to a metal chain and keyring.

Released in Italy by Distriferia SA

Metal Krusty the Klown keychain with a stretched partial image of Krusty's face.

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