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Released by Colorforms

Colorful vinyl "stickers" which can be pressed onto a cardboard background to form scenes from the show.

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Released in USA by Mattel

Hot Wheels vehicles feature the Simpsons family camper and Homer's Nuclear Waste Van. From the back of the card: "Don't wait another minute! The Simpsons special edition Hot Wheels are here! Look inside 'n check 'em out! Each vehicle features one of 3 wacky scenes. Collect all 6 family ... read more

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Released by Binky-Griptight

Two pictures of Maggie Simpson adorn this baby toy for developing hand-eye coordination and teething.

Released in UK by Vivid Imaginations

Homer doll measuring 11" tall with hard plastic head and plush body. Homer is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, bermuda shorts, and sandals.

Released in Japan by Small Planet

A figurative Bart push-button plastic toy from Japan. When the two buttons on the base are pressed, Bart swings over the top and back around.

Released in UK by Giftware International

Plush beanies (a few inches tall each) of the popular animal characters: Snowball II, Santa's Little Helper, Blinky, Itchy, and Scratchy.

Released by RePlay

A set of 4 miniature die-cast Simpsons figures with wheels. Excellent detail! Vehicles include: Lisa's Screamin' Fish", Bart's "Never Eat Before Flying" Plane, Homer's "Woo-hoo!" Armchair, and Marge 'n' Maggie's "All in the Same Boat". Each vehicle is about 2" tall... read more

Released in USA by Playmates Toys

This large remote-controlled skateboarding Bart Simpson toy was released by Playmates Toys. It came with a controller in the shape of Krusty's head with an option to say a number of phrases from Bart and Krusty.

Released in USA by Playmates Toys

Homer and Bart were the first series of 15" Interactive Talking Plush Figures by Playmates. Plans called for a second series including Marge and Lisa, who would all interact.... read more

Released in USA by Playmates Toys

Marge and Lisa were to comprise the second series of 15" Interactive Talking Plush Figures by Playmates. Lackluster sales of the first series, which included Homer and Bart, apparently led Playmates to cancel plans for these, even though all four would have been capable of interacting with each other.... read more

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