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World of Springfield

Released in USA by Playmates Toys

This "Hell" themed set is based on the short "The Devil and Homer Simpson" from THOH IV (1F04). The included figures will be: Donut Head Homer, Witch Marge, Hugo, and Dream Invader Willie. The TRU SKN for this item is: 545851.

Previous reports indicated that Raven Bart and Alien Maggie would also be included with the set, but those figures are not listed on the official release list on Playmates Toys website.

Promotional Photos

THOH 3 - Color Sketch

Other Images

THOH 3 BW Base THOH 3 Cog Detail THOH 3 Figures Color THOH 3 Multiple Views THOH 3 Goblin Detail THOH 3 Rough Controls THOH 3 Rough Views

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