Here are the questions to Playmates Toys and their answers from March, 2002:

What's the status on a Moe's Playset? If FOX and Gracie Films were to consider it, would it end up as an exclusive, or in the regular release line?

As on now the item is still on hold. If we are given the green light, it will be an exclusive.

Will the Be Sharps be a Toyfare exclusive this year? If not, are any Toyfare exclusives currently planned?

No, the Be Sharps will not be an exclusive for Toyfare this year. Currently no Toyfare exclusives are planned for this year. However, that is not to say that we will never do any Toyfare exclusives again. Toyfare still provides great coverage to our Simpsons line that reaches a lot of collectors and we really appreciate their coverage.

We understand from Maggie Roswell that she is returning to voice Maude in the next Treehouse of Horror episode. Will any of Maggie Roswell's characters, such as Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, or Miss Hoover be produced

All these figures are under consideration for í03. Until we receive approval I would hate to speculate on which ones we can proceed with.

It has been said that a list of proposed figures is submitted from Playmates to Fox who then says "yes" or "no" to each proposed character. Could you provide us a list of figures that Fox has definitely said NO to? For example, it was rumored that Playmates wanted to make, but were denied due to voice licensing costs, the X-files Scully and Mulder figures.

While many times money is an issue, it is not the only factor deciding whether a figure is made or not. The first and most important is the celebrity has to want his or her Simpson action figure made. On non-celebrity figures there may be timing/casting issues internally at Fox that stop us from proceeding with some figures that over time get worked out. So as far as providing a list of figures Fox has definitely said "no" to, I would rather not supply that list at this time. We are always revisiting figure concepts that had been previously denied and in some cases we are granted approval to proceed at later dates.

What other celebrity voices are on Playmates' wish list for characters to produce?

Letís hold off on this one until we get our '03 line approved and confirmation from the celebrity that itís a "GO".

Why has Rabbi Krustofsky been canceled and what are the chances of seeing him released sometime after the wave 2 all-stars?

Jackie Mason changed his mind mid way through the development process and decided he did not want a figure that contained his voice. Unfortunately, it was to late to replace him with another celebity figure. This is not to say that in the future he won't change his mind again and request the figure be made.

Toys "R" Us reportedly only ordered 20,000 each of the Treehouse of Horror II and Family Christmas sets. Will they be ordering a higher number, a lower number, or the same of each of this year's exclusives? Does Playmates allow a retailer to re-order more quantity of an exclusive after it sells out?

We as a manufacturer cannot make TRU order a certain quantity of figures/playsets. We can and often do give them advice, however the final quantity ordered is a decision they make internally. On seasonal exclusives (Treehouse of Horror and Christmas playsets) the retailer doesn't want to reorder because by the time they receive them the holiday or event will be long past.

Will there ever be an accessory kit? Will you release pets and WOS accessory sets such as Laddie, Pinchy, Bitey, Mr. Teeney, etc.?

We have never considered accessory sets as we donít feel there is enough demand. We have considered doing Simpsons pets and this is still under consideration.

Has the Times Square TRU Holiday Exclusive been approved by Fox? What will it look like, and what episode does it revolve around?

You will just have to wait and see on this one!

Have our petitions done any good? I.E., Sounds as though Toyfare won't get the exclusives. Is that due to our petition or customer complaints?

It is always good to hear what the SCS collectors think. However, we do receive quite a few letters from other consumers/collectors asking when the next Toyfare exclusive is going to come out. The bottom line is we have to look at things from a business standpoint. I know sometimes it seems that we are shooting ourselves in the foot and upsetting collectors with some of our product picks or who we offer exclusives. But, we make these decisions taking into consideration the Simpsons brand as a whole and how we can continue building the brand and expanding its longevity.

Thanks to Playmates Toys for answering our questions! See you next month!

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