SCS member FantasticDan brought in a very interesting report today. It seems the WoS bug has bitten local TV advertisers. WB-43 in Syracuse, NY (which syndicates "The Simpsons" in that area) is using WoS figures in its commercials for the show. Here is his report.

My local WB affiliate (WB-43 Syracuse) is using WoS figures to advertise the Simpsons reruns they show every evening. So far, I've noticed two 20-second commercials; one features the Mayor Quimby fig and contains the following dialogue:

[Voice-over]There's a politician that doesn't know the meaning of corruption.. a civil servant that stands by his town.. that man is Mayor Joe Quimby..

[Quimby voice]I propose I use what's left of the town's treasury to move to a more prosperous town and run for Mayor..

[Voice-over]Have fun on the frog with the Simpsons tonite at six on WB-43!

The initial voice-over is spoken while the camera quickly pans around different black and white angles of the figure.. the final voice-over comes in as the picture becomes color and the full figure comes into frame.

The second commercial features the exact same style and includes Lenny and Carl:

[Voice-over]These men know the true meaning of friendship.. they make an effort to comprehend the obvious.. they could be the poster boys for ALL pinheads.. they're Lenny and Carl.

[Lenny]Uhh, I'll pick, uh, Carl..

[Carl]Lenny and Carl.. gotta like the sound of that!

[Voice-over]Have fun on the frog with the Simpsons tonite at six on WB-43!

I have no "screen grab" technology, but I've taken a couple screen pics with an old digital camera...

Mayor Quimby Lenny and Carl

Kinda cool!

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