Opinions about re-releasing World of Springfield figures were split fairly well down the middle. For a detailed view of your fellow collector's opinions, continue on...

Questions  Percentage 
1) How long have you been collecting?
Since the start 63.8%
1-2 Years 24.5%
Less than 1 year 11.7%
2) What is the 'state' of your collection?
Totally complete 34.3%
Everything I want 24.3%
Missing a few 28.5%
Missing many 12.9%
3) What type of collector are you?
Loose 56.5%
MOC 16.5%
Both 27.0%

4) Playmates is considering a packaging change/update for 2003. Under the new packaging, they would re-release the original figures - same figure, same accessories, new package.

How do you believe this will effect the price of the original figures?

Not at all 11.6%
Somewhat 43.7%
More than usual 20.4%
Quite a bit 24.2%
5) Would you purchase the re-released figures?
Yes 49.5%
No 50.5%
6) How would you feel about the re-release of the figures under this scenario?
Very upset 17.9%
Not thrilled 20.9%
Dont care 10.8%
Good idea 19.2%
Terrific idea 31.1%
7) There are a couple other possible directions this idea could go. Playmates could release the same figures but add a new accessory or make a minor change, such as copyright date, to the figure. How do you feel about that?
Hate it 32.6%
Prefer same figure 25.6%
Prefer new accessory 23.2%
Love it 18.6%
8) Another option is to use a collectors club to re-release the figures. Playmates could do something very simple, like poly-bagging the original figures and releasing them only through the club. How would you feel about that option?
Very upset 19.0%
Not thrilled 20.2%
Dont care 18.4%
Good idea 25.6%
Terrific idea 16.8%
9) Which of the options discussed above would you prefer (or no re-release at all)?
Same figure, new package 34.5%
New acc. or change figure 20.0%
Same figure, club release 15.1%
New acc. or change, club 8.0%
No rerelease 22.5%
10) If the figures are re-released to traditional retailers, can they be part of a regular wave (one of the six figures), should they be part of a new series, or should the waves expand to seven figures each?
Regular wave 14.3%
New wave 66.6%
Larger wave 19.1%
11) How would you feel about the classic figure being released in a regular wave, taking the place of a new sixth figure?
Very upset 48.9%
Not thrilled 28.8%
Dont care 12.4%
Good idea 7.2%
Terrific idea 2.7%

These poll results were submitted to Playmates Toys, who will (of course) make the final decision regarding re-releases. Thank you for sharing your opinion!

We'd also like to thank SCS member Ozmodiar for providing us with some interesting crosstabbed statistical analysis of the results.

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