The Simpsons Collector Sector's complete coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2002 continues... In addition to phalen180's in-depth photo coverage of Playmates Toys' booth, we've also been in constant contact with Playmates representatives attending the convention. Besides confirming the accessories for Wave 10, Playset Assortment F and Celebrity Series 3, we've also learned :

-There is a strong possibility of a Be Sharps playset being produced, but no word yet on who might carry it.

-The KBBL Logo on Bill's shirt may or may not eventually be painted on, it's too soon in the production process to know.

-Moe's Tavern is being shown with a new sculpt wall phone and a beer mug for accessories at the Comic Con, however it is too soon in the production process to confirm the accessories.

-The Duffman shown with Moe's is a clay mock-up (the reason for his "shiny" appearance). The actual Moe's playset is also just a custom made prototype that the release will be based on.

-Moe's Tavern will not be a deluxe playset, it will work with the standard 30 to 40 figures with the 3 pegs. For all intents and purposes it is a regular playset.

-Target is apparently the "test retailer" for the 9-inch Faces of Springfield line. Right now the second wave is also scheduled to be a Target exclusive, but that may change if sales are strong. In any case, don't expect to see a release of these beyond Target Stores until at least 2003.

Stay tuned for our continuing coverage...

Moe's Tavern with Duffman

Moe Moe Duffman PrototypeMoes MWC

Series 10 & Asst. F

Series 10 Series 10 Series 10 Dr. Nick Dr. Nick Closeup Buzz Cola Stonecutter Homer Marvin Monroe

Accessories :

Stone Cutter Homer - Stonecutter Headdress, Beer Stein, Framed Sacred Parchment, Secret World History Book (new book sculpt)

Resort Smithers - Suitcase (new sculpt), Carry-on Bag with 2 Pineapples Sticking Out, Red Pay-Phone

Scout Leader Flanders - Hat, Pine Cone, Flare Gun, Utility Knife (w/ Spork Accessory Extended), Book : "10 Do's and 500 Don'ts of Knife Safety"

Wendell - Apple (old sculpt), Banana, Orange, Barf-Bag, Stack of Books (old sculpt)

Dr. Marvin Monroe - Patented "Agression Therapy Mallet", Money Stack (new sculpt), Diploma, Clipboard (Bart's drawing of Homer)

Sunday Best Marge and Maggie - Marge's Hat, Maggie's Hat, "Good Book" (old sculpt), Purse

Dr. Nick - Opened Box of Pizza, Rack of 4 Test Tubes (all 4 are removable, new sculpt), Can of Buzz Cola with Straw, Table, Jar of Cotton Swabs

Mr. Burns - (Note : Sleeping Cap is sculpted on, non-removable) Snow Globe, Fireplace Grille, Bobo, Chair

Celeb. Series 3 & Exclusives

Celeb Series 3 Be Sharps Homer Prototype KBBL KBBL

Accessories :

Cooter - Tackle Box, Money Stack (old sculpt), Giant Novelty Comb

Llewelyn Sinclair - Book : "O' Streetcar" (old sculpt), Silver Pen (old sculpt, new color), Business Card : Ayn Rand School for Tots (new sculpt)

Hank Scorpio - Flame thrower with Fuel Tank Back-Pack, Smoke Grenade, Machine Gun, Detonator (new sculpt)

KBBL with Bill and Marty - Two Microphones (both different, both new sculpts), Two Pairs of Headphones

Bobbleheads & Schoolbus

Krusty Bobblehead Schoolbus Boxed Schoolbus Boxed

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