UPDATE (8/5): More tidbits from Playmates added below

Today we have some more photos from the World of Springfield display at Playmates Toys booth and of our intrepid SCS members, uh, being intrepid. Red the Trucker says, "Drink Duff! responsibly"

In other news (not pictured), Sideshow Toys has a license to produce sandstone busts of Simpsons characters. They should be similar in quality to their current line of Muppet Busts.

More WoS Tidbits (thanks to Michael Crawford MWC):
- Episodic Mini-Figures: They didn't talk about any additional sets beyond the second series, but the SCS staff did their best to impress upon them how popular we believe they'll be.
- Their Non-WoS track record: They agree itís not good, but we can guarantee they aren't done trying yet. As we noted before, they hope to expand the Faces of Springfield line in 2003.
- Bongo line: The reason it was all killed was Fox, not anyone else, and they were never really given a reason. The first set will have no further shipments.
- Renewed advertising efforts (these include ads on Kellogs cereal, a coupon in the Season 2 DVD set, and the mail-away promotion) : They've noticed the slowdown in sales, particularly with series 7 and 8. They are looking at a variety of ways to increase sales across the board, and keep the line going strong. Hence, the renewed focus on advertising.
- The new plastics: They have no idea about this. There was nothing done on their end, and it's likely just a new batch of plastic. Remember, they've been running these things for years now, and as time goes by the lots of plastics and materials are going to vary.
- There are no plans of any kind for WOS scale vehicles.
- The New Year's Set has not been finalized and approved at this time.
- Why was Target 'chosen' for the 9"?: MWC says that he doesnít think they were, although that is just his opinion. Usually they take the retailer they can get at the best deal for them.
- Malloy was on the artwork for Series 12, but has been removed from plans for that series.
- We WILL get a WoS packaging change in 2003.
- Bobbleheads: Although the Krusty bobblehead was the only one shown at the convention, he is still planned for the second wave of bobbleheads.
- Why wasn't Be Sharps Homer in a regular wave?: The SCS staff didn't ask them this, but it's another issue MWC said we can figure out ourselves. They caught a lot of flak over the Pin Pals, since most people bought Homer of course as part of a regular wave, but then had to bust their butts to finish the set. He doesnít think they want to do that again, but rather they want to make them all available the same way so if you want the set, you can get them, but you don't get pulled in by having one already in a regular wave. If you want to skip the Be Sharps, you can skip them all without skipping figures in a wave.
- Removable accessories in Dr. Nick's prototype set: They didn't believe they were supposed to be. Yes, they are on the prototype, but that's not unusual, since they are usually hand done.
- Mail-Aways Packaging?: They will just be polybagged.
- Will there be enough B-sharps to go around?: They have no fears, as they will run them in waves as the orders come in. Obviously they'll be some cut off, but they've done this before and never run into any trouble.

This ends our SDCC coverage. We hope you all enjoyed all this exciting news!

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