Time for another installment of 20 Questions, this time with member TCM Hitchhiker.

1. How long have you been watching "The Simpsons"?

Longer than The Crazy Old Man has been singing and dancing! Seriously though, since the Tracey Ullman Show, I thought the shorts were a riot. They were much funnier than the Ullman skits, and it got to the point I would tune in just to see what the crazy animated family would be up to next.

2. Who is your favorite Simpsons character?

Well, this is a tough one, but it would definitely be between The Comic Book Guy, Ralph Wiggum and Professr Frink. Anytime one of those characters opens their mouth I die laughing.

3. What Simpsons character are you most like and why?

Hmmm, I suppose I see a little of myself in many of the characters, I'm not sure if I can pinpoint just one. Maybe I just have split personalities. One minute I may be quite like Maggie, or compassionate and smart like Lisa, and the next do something as stupid as Homer would. When I was younger I was like Bart all the way though, a smart ass on a skateboard who enjoyed Slurpees. Now, like Marge, I have moved on to booze.

4. Are your friends and family fans of the Simpsons?

Most of them are, some more than others. One of my best friends and my brother are both pretty hardcore.

5. What is your favorite quote from a Simpsons episode?

OMG, this is a trick question right? You guys sure don't make this easy. Ok, ANY Ralph Wiggum line is genius, but here is one of many Comic Book Guy Lines that cracks me up...

CBG : "Egad, a maniac cutting a swath of destruction! This is a job for the Green Lantern, or Thundra or... possibly ...Ghost Rider !"

Otto - "What about Superman?"


6. What types of Simpsons collectibles do you collect?

Pretty much just the World of Springfield figures, but will pick up a few other little things here and there.

7. What item in your collection is your favorite?

The Comic Book Shop, and the Treehouse of Horror sets.

8. What is the most outrageous (or difficult) thing you have done to obtain a Simpsons collectible?

Nothing too crazy really. A lot of what I have had trouble finding or getting, people have helped me out with (many of whom are members of the SCS board). I still need a few items that I'm sure I will have to end up paying outrageous prices for.

9. What's the most you ever spent on a Simpsons collectible?

So far the most I have paid is $40.00 for the THOH 2 set, I haven't really paid much more than retail for anything. Like I said above though, I am sure the highest is still to come. How many nice people and luck can come along?

10. What World of Springfield figure would you most like to see (that has not been announced)?

Dr. Zaius, from the Planet of the Apes play in "A Fish Called Selma". I would also really like to see the Hells Satans biker gang (the real one, not Homers), and Herman would be killer too.

11. Are you a completist? An opener or a MIMP collector? Why?

I am somewhat of a completist. I don't care for package variants and my WOS collection will never be quite complete. There is no way I am going to pay over $100.00 for a GITD Radioactive Homer. But other than him, I want it ALL! I am a MOC/MIB collector for the most part. I am also a vintage toy collector, I have been seriously collecting toys for over 15 years and that doesn't include my childhood. There is just something cool about having the figure mint and on the original card. I don't ever plan on selling my collection, so the value doesn't really make any difference to me (though the thought of my 12" Star Wars IG-88 being worth a grand is nice). I also think it just looks really cool displaying figures in their package. Sometimes when I look at my collection, I get the feeling of being a kid walking through the local dime store drooling over the Mego Super-Heroes and other great toys of the 70's. All this being said, do what you want to do, it's YOUR collection, do whatever it is that makes you enjoy your collection the most!

12. What are your favorite television shows (excluding the Simpsons)?

Mostly classic shows, like The Night Stalker, The Twilight Zone, Son of Svengoolie etc, etc. I am a big monster fiend. As far as modern shows, I dig The Osbournes, That 70's Show, Angel, Conan O'Brien, and Howard Stern.

13. What celebrity do you want to see guest star on the Simpsons?

I would like to see Bruce Campbell guest star in one of the Treehouse of Horror specials, or at a convention with a Comic Book Guy tie in. Also, just about any classic horror film stars, even though most of the greats have passed on.

14. How and when did you find the SCS site?

I was given the link from my buddy on the McFarlane Toys message board, who is also a member of the SCS board.

15. In what ways do you think the hobby of collecting Simpsons has changed in the past few years?

Well, it has certainly gotten a lot more rabid. Being a fan of the secondary players, I am happy to see the line continue to grow.

16. What was the first Simpsons item you ever bought?

Wow, I don't even remember, but the first WOS figure I bought was Barney. I didn't start collecting them with the first wave, because I collect so much already, and kept putting them off. What a Homer move that was!!! Grrrr !

17. What is the one Simpsons item you want the most but do not have?

Right now Smithers, because he is the only standard figure I don't have. It won't be long until I break down and pay up though.

18. What else do you collect?

I collect a ton of stuff, and a lot of vintage toys as I mentioned, as well as horror movie memorabilia. The only modern figures I am really focusing on now are Sideshow Toy Monsters, Medicom Planet of the Apes, Movie Maniacs, and Godzilla vinyl figures, as well as other stuff here and there.

19. Who influenced you the most from the show (be it character, writer, actor, etc.)?

To be honest, I can't think of one character, writer or actor from the Simpsons that has had an influence on me. Influence on my everyday slang maybe, what with the talking, and the phrases, and the AAAOOOYYY..GLAVIN !

20. Anything you would like to add?

Just that I hope The Simpsons goes for another decade!

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