Time for another installment of 20 Questions, this time with member ILIKESTORIES

1. How long have you been watching "The Simpsons"?

Religiously since my 1st senior year of college, 1994. I got into watching it with friends who had all the episodes on tape, and I've been a huge fan ever since.

2. Who is your favorite Simpsons character?

Homer for sure. I love that the Simpsons has so many strong supporting characters, but gotta go with Homey!

3. What Simpsons character are you most like and why?

In college I was like Barney, for obvious reasons, but people consistently tell me I am growing into my own version of Homer Simpsons. Guess I'll take that as a compliment.

4. Are your friends and family fans of the Simpsons?

Mostly. I've got a few friends that collect WOS and watch the shows, but I'm easily the most die hard of the group.

5. What is your favorite quote from a Simpsons episode?

For me it's pretty obvious, that's why I chose it for my e-mail and my SCS name. I've always loved that episode, "Itchy & Scratchy, The Movie" for a lot of reasons, but I always have a huge belly laugh when Homer says calmly, "I like stories!"

6. What types of Simpsons collectibles do you collect?

I started with WOS, but now the bug has definitely bit, and I'm collecting the Mattel figures, BK figures, foreign issues, and all sorts of cool displayable stuff.

7. What item in your collection is your favorite?

That's pretty tough, but I'd have to say my Casual Homer figure. I have him, Lenny, and Carl, all with beers in hand, at the Power Plant playset. They are living the dream.

8. What is the most outrageous (or difficult) thing you have done to obtain a Simpsons collectible?

My sister was out of work when the THOH2 came out, and I talked her into going into our local ToysRus to buy me one during the day. It evened out her debt from years ago when I bought tampons for her when we were on vacation in Germany, and I don't speak German. Nuff said.

9. What's the most you ever spent on a Simpsons collectible?

Well Boxing Homer, probably, because I bought the deal at WW where I had to get the subscription, too.

10. What World of Springfield figure would you most like to see (that has not been announced)?

Poor old Gil.

11. Are you a completist? An opener or a MIMP collector? Why?

I'm an opener, I'm in it for displaying because it makes where I live a more enjoyable place.

12. What are your favorite television shows (excluding the Simpsons)?

I like Futurama, King of the Hill and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

13. What celebrity do you want to see guest star on the Simpsons?

Me! I count as a celebrity, right? I've always been a Tom Jones fan, so I don't think anyone can top his appearance.

14. How and when did you find the SCS site?

Through a search on Google, my favorite search engine.

15. In what ways do you think the hobby of collecting Simpsons has changed in the past few years?

I've only collected for a year or two, so it's hard to say.

16. What was the first Simpsons item you ever bought?

Probably the Wave 1 Homer.

17. What is the one Simpsons item you want the most but do not have?

Main Street. I'm a sucker, they could charge $100 and I would pay it!

18. What else do you collect?

Really, nothing else. I might collect the Muppet figures, but we'll see how they look.

19. Who influenced you the most from the show (be it character, writer, actor, etc.)?

(No Response)

20. Anything you would like to add?

(No Response)

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