Every WoS collector has likely had troubles with the pegs on the interactive environments at one point or another and not getting the figures to talk can be very frustrating. Luckily, SCS member "the hurting glavin mmhey" has laid out an easy six-step process to repair the problems, using Main Street as an example.

Here's an easy way to fix those pesky pegs, and have your figures talking in no time.

1) Open the bottom of your Main Street Playset by removing all the screws.

2) Locate a peg that isn't working properly.

Locate Peg

3) Push the pins and angled clips flush with the peg casing.

Pushing The Pins

4) Remove screws from peg.

Remove Screws

5) Locate one of those annoying plastic things that are always screwed into the bottom of regular playsets, and cut it to the same length as a peg.

Cut Plastic Part

6) Screw the plastic thingy over the peg.

Attach Plastic

7) Repeat steps 2-6 for any other faulty pegs.

Good Luck!

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