Part 2 of the Third Annual Blinky Awards

We see Kent Brockman, Bill and Marty standing on a corner of Main Street:

Bill and Marty

BillBill: "Welcome to the Third Annual Blinky Awards, with KBBL's Bill and Marty, accompanied by Channel Six's award winning news anchor, Kent Brockman!"

MartyMarty: "Indeed, Bill, we are brought to you live from an undisclosed location! Kent, why don't you tell the viewers why our location is a mystery?"

Kent BrockmanKent Brockman: "Because we are standing at the winning location for the Best Interactive Environment Blinky Award! Simpsons Collector Sector members voted and we listened, but before we announce the winner and where we are, here are the nominees:"

  1. Main Street
  2. Ironic Punishment Division
  3. Burns Manor
  4. Doctor's Office
  5. Simpsons Kitchen

MartyMarty: "And the wiener, ah, winner is…Main Street!"

Main Street

Kent BrockmanKent Brockman: "I know this reporter is surprised! Surprised, according to plan. The entire town is here today, providing the perfect atmosphere for the rest of the Third Annual Blinky Awards!"

BillBill: "You might say it's just right..."

MartyMarty: "For what's left!"

Bill and Marty laugh to themselves for a moment.

BillBill: "To present the awards for the rest of the evening are Springfield residents and pedestrians... why, look who we have here! It's Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders, here to present the award for Best Simpsons Family Member Figure of 2002."

Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders

Ned FlandersNed: "Well, thank diddly-ank you, Bill. I must admit I never really listen to your radio program; the only show I'll allow myself to indulge in is "Gabbin with God" from our very own Church of Springfield's Reverend Timothy Lovejoy!"

Reverend LovejoyLovejoy: "Thank you, Ned. Make sure you listen in tonight when we introduce a new cooking segment of the show, Sinful Spices. But enough glorification of the Lord, let's focus on the Simpsons, who obviously deserve more attention than I do."

Ned FlandersNed: "Well, the Simpsons have lived next door to me for years, and I must admit, they're quite the characters. This year the top Simpsons figures have been:"

  1. Sunday Best Marge
  2. Sunday Best Lisa
  3. Muumuu Homer
  4. Sunday Best Grampa
  5. Donuthead Homer

Ned FlandersNed: "And the winner of the Blinky is…Donuthead Homer!"

Best Family Member

Reverend LovejoyLovejoy: "What? That can't be right, not one of the Sunday Best variations won? I can't even wish that the winner burn in Hell; he looks to have already been fried."

Donuthead HomerDonuthead Homer: "Woohoo!"

Donuthead Homer runs up to the presenters and claims his prize.

Donuthead HomerDonuthead Homer: "In your faces, churchies! Now who's so holy?!"

Reverend Lovejoy and Ned look at each other, shrug, and walk away. Donuthead Homer follows.

Donuthead HomerDonuthead Homer: "Wait, don't go! I need the attention!"

MartyMarty: "Make sure not to leave a trail of crumbs."

Bill and Marty laugh.

BillBill: "That's great. But at least it's all in good taste."

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