Part 5 of the Third Annual Blinky Awards

Kent Brockman

Kent BrockmanKent Brockman: "We're back to begin presenting awards for Best Custom Figure of 2002, and here to present, these three hooligans!"

Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph walk up to present.

Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph

DolphDolph: "Art has many forms. Whether it's vandalizing a wall..."

JimboJimbo: "Or videotaping a crime spree..."

KearneyKearney: "Or replicating your favorite cartoon characters..."

JimboJimbo: "Let's pound him!!"

KearneyKearney: "Into action figures!"

DolphDolph: "That's better."

JimboJimbo: "The nominees for Best Custom Figure of 2002 are:"

  1. Frostillicus (RK Dragon)
  2. Baby Gerald (BabyGerald)
  3. Dr. Zaius (TCM Hitchhiker)
  4. Rabbi Krustofski (GrownUpGerald)
  5. Frank Ormand (pretzelfever)

DolphDolph: "And the winner is Frostillicus by RK Dragon!"

Best Custom

RK Dragon: "Woah! I should pay attention more. I didn't even know I was nominated! WOW! Thanks everyone. This is a great honor, and it means a lot to me. Maybe you'll see some more customs from me in the future! This is just great! Thanks again!"

BillBill: "And now presenting the award for Best Custom Playset here is Springfield's richest man, and his most loyal toadie. Charles Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers."

The Imperial March for Star Wars plays as Mr. Burns takes the stage.

Emporer Burns and Grand Mof Smithers

Mr. BurnsMr. Burns: "Thank you William and Martin, I look forward to hearing your program on the radiola every morning after my bowl of bran flakes."

Mr. SmithersMr. Smithers: "Which I spoon-feed to him!"

Mr. BurnsMr. Burns: "Yes, that is quite enjoyable. Now, we seem to be giving out the award for Best Custom Playset of 2002, eh? It seems like a joke to me that Johnny Collect-a-lot finds enjoyment in making a scale model of certain locations around Springfield when he could simply own the real thing like I do."

Mr. SmithersMr. Smithers: "Yes, sir. Although I'm sure that most of these collectors don't have the billions of dollars that you have. Or the stunning good looks."

Mr. BurnsMr. Burns: "Why thank you Smithers, you never fail at stroking my ego."

Mr. SmithersMr. Smithers: "Hmm. While none of the sets in the World of Springfield line come close to the Malibu Stacy Dream house there were quite a few very well done custom jobs in the year 2002. Each one of these custom sets was painstakingly put together by members of the Simpsons Collector Sector. Here are some of the very best:"

  1. Stu's Disco (paul actionfig)
  2. Burns' Casino (Luke314pi)
  3. I Can't Believe It's a Law Firm I (ljashton)
  4. I Can't Believe It's a Law Firm II (phalen180)
  5. Prof. Frink's Lab (paul actionfig)

Mr. BurnsMr. Burns: "Now, as much as it hurts me to give away a trophy, the winner for Best Custom Playset of 2002 is..."

Burns struggles to try and open the envelope.

Mr. BurnsMr. Burns: "Confounded paper beast! Smithers, help vanquish this foe."

Mr. SmithersMr. Smithers: "Yes, sir!"

Smithers opens envelope easily.

Mr. SmithersMr. Smithers: "The winner is Stu's Disco!"

Best Custom Playset

paulactionfig: "Thanks for voting Stu's Disco the best custom playset. Its amazing what you can do with a little tin-foil and chewing gum! I'd like to thanks all the regulars from Professor Frink's Customs Lab. I can't wait to see what customs our members come up with next year!"

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