This is the third in a continuing series of looks at the pre-production art of the World of Springfield line thanks to Chris Lauria, who does most of the playset art for Playmates Toys. This time we look at Krustylu Studios from Series 3. Here's Chris to give you the needed info on this artwork.

Hello, everyone!

The next image is the control drawings for the Krusty Studio playset. Once again, these are ROUGH control drawings. They were done traditionally (pencil on trace) and we simply made blueprints from the drawing to send to Playmates. All of the controls for the early sets were brought to this level. I generally like to do controls MUCH tighter, and you will see that as we go.

At their request, we only went to this low level of detail. They ran with it from here - sculpts, label art, etc.

The art of the figure was dropped on the drawing just for size reference, and is not used for sculpting.

From an early stage, they liked the idea of using the 'floor with two walls' set-up, and that kind of became the standard. As you can see in the drawing, we did not indicate any "foot peg" positions. This was left up to the model makers & Playmates.

Although the "cannon", "camera", and "stage light" were loose pieces, we usually indicate the best positions for them on the base. (see TOP VIEW)

Although we did not create any of the label art for this set, the Simpson artists took cues from our concept art. I wish this set could have been a little bigger (I wish every set could have been bigger...) but I think it came out o.k. in the final. What do you think?

Next up - Treehouse of Horror II !!!

Thanks again!


Thanks to Chris and Playmates and stay tuned for more articles.

Krustylu Studios - Control Art

Krustylu Studios Control Art

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