The SCS presents the fourth in a series of looks at the pre-production art of the World of Springfield line thanks to Chris Lauria, who does most of the playset art for Playmates Toys. This time around we have several images from the making of Series 4's Comic Book Shop. Here's Chris to give you the needed info on this artwork:

Hello again!

I know I said I would send the THOH II next, but the Comic Shop was actually done before it. So I hope you don't mind looking at the "Android's Dungeon" first.

We did a few concepts sketches for this one. They are both pretty similar, but the main point of difference is the "comic rack" being molded to the back wall in the final.

The toughest aspect of this set was not realizing just how big "Comic Book Guy" would be. You can see that the scale is off in the concepts. Once we went to controls, it was pretty clear that he would take up quite a bit of space, so things got a lot smaller and tighter.

We had indicated lots of molded stuff and labels in the concept art. The molded stuff got dropped due to costs, and the labels were handled by the Fox guys. I was a little disappointed with their choices - especially for the comic books on the rack. I was hoping they would use "Snake Kid", "Iguana Girl", "Radiation Dude", "Power Person", and "Mr. Smarty Pants" along with the assumed "Radioactive Man". Instead, they made every comic an issue of "Radioactive Man"....oh well.

The concept sketches are very rough, and we did not do a color board for this set. These controls are still pretty rough for our standards, and don't show a lot of detail - just basic shapes and placement. All of the controls you've seen so far were done traditionally (pencil on trace).

Enjoy, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them.

More to come!


Thanks to Chris and Playmates again!

Rough Early Art

Comic Shop Control Art 1 Comic Shop Control Art 2

Control Art

Comic Shop Control Art 3

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