The SCS presents the seventh in a continuing series of looks at the pre-production art of the World of Springfield line thanks to Chris Lauria, who does most of the playset art for Playmates Toys. This time around we have images from the making of Series 9's Police Station set. Here's Chris to give you the needed info on this artwork:

Hello, Simpsons Collectors!

Sorry for the long hiatus - too many deadlines.

Anyway, here is some artwork for the Police Station. I know we are out of chronological order, but it's a little easier for me to send art of the sets I created digitally, as opposed to the older sets that all need to be scanned. I will get the remainder of that stuff up as soon as I can.

This was one of the first sets that I started using Illustrator to generate the control art. (The very first sets were the Cafeteria & DMV, but I will get some images of those up later.)

As you can see, I was still drawing the concept art in an isometric view (not a true perspective), but the rendering was starting to get a little more detailed.

I included the notes I made just for fun. I usually make a list of the episodes I am aware of that contain some reference for a particular set - you can read the ones I listed on the notes. As it turned out, though, I ended up pulling most of the reference from "Who Shot Mr. Burns Pt.2" - "What? We're out of coffee! I'll just drink some of this warm cream. uuugghhhhh.......zzzzzz...."

The first rough concept was set up in the other direction, but I think we had too many sets oriented this way, so PM asked me to 'flop it'. The second rough concept is pretty much what we ended up with. A few minor things got dropped (coffee maker, paper tray) but it didn't make a big difference.

More to follow!

I still did the rough controls by hand, then used them as a template to generate the finished views in Illustrator (I was still a little unsure of my abilities creating the controls digitally) I now just go right to the computer.

My only disappointment with this set was the 'jail cell' label - I really wanted Dr. Colossus in there (he's awesome!) That was the only label on this set that I did not generate - the Fox guys did that one. Oh well.

Have fun checking out the art, and post any questions or comments you may have - I always enjoy hearing your feedback (positive or negative).

Thanks again!
Talk to you soon!

Thanks to Chris and Playmates again!

Police Station - Early Notes

Police Station Notes 1 Police Station Notes 2

Police Station - Rough Art

Police Station Rough Art 1 Police Station Rough Art 2 Police Station Views

Rough art and detailed views of the set.
Police Station - Color Board

Police Station Color Board

Police Station - Detailed Images

Police Station Detail Image 1 Police Station Detail Image 3 Police Station Detailed Image 3

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