Saturday was the last day that most of the staff attended the convention. Before the big party, there was a meetup at the Playmates Booth and of course, three big panels: Futurama, Simpsons and the SCS panel.

Saturday Morning Meetup & Arrival

Is That phalen?  No, It`s Kevin Smith! (SDCC, 2003) lionelhutz09: Self Portrait (SDCC, 2003) lionelhutz09 and Shtick at the Beach (SDCC, 2003) Saturday Meetup (SDCC, 2003) Who`s Driving? Oh My God, Shtick Is Driving! (SDCC, 2003) Shtick Ogles the Major Award at the NECA Booth (SDCC, 2003) You Lied to Me By Signs.  I Hate It When That Happens (SDCC, 2003)

Lionelhutz09 and Shtick stayed in a nice beach-side hotel (with 6'4" clearance in the parking structure). Luckily they made it to the 11 AM meetup on time.

Matt Groening & Bill Morrison Autograph Sessions

Autograph Hounds with Matt Groening and Bill Morrison  (SDCC, 2003) Autograph Hounds (SDCC, 2003) Baby Gerald Shows Matt Groening His Customs (SDCC, 2003) Baby Gerald Gets Groening`s Autograph (SDCC, 2003) Baby Gerald Gets Groening`s Autograph (SDCC, 2003) Bart Buck (SDCC, 2003) Gooker1 Gets Matt Groening`s Autograph (SDCC, 2003) Gooker1 (SDCC, 2003) Matt Groening Autographs a Print for Sideshow James (SDCC, 2003) blueduck37 with Matt Groening (SDCC, 2003) jmurray3 with Matt Groening (SDCC, 2003) Matt Groening and Bill Morrison Sign Autographs (SDCC, 2003)

Just after the Simpsons panel, Matt Groening and Bill Morrison gave autographs to fans who'd gotten a Bart Buck from the Bongo Comics booth earlier in the day.

Checking Out on Sunday

Spanikopita and blueduck37 Checkin` Out (SDCC, 2003)

On Sunday it was time for many to check out and head home. Thanks to everyone who came and made the convention and anniversary party such a great time.

See you all next year!

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