Time for another installment of 20 Questions, this time with member Nittany Tide.

1. How long have you been watching "The Simpsons"?

I’ve been tuning in since “Simpson’s Roasting on an Open Fire” premiered in 1989.

2. Who is your favorite Simpsons character?

I always considered the great characters one of the best parts of the show, so choosing a favorite is difficult... since Marge is rarely mentioned as anyone’s favorite, I’ll say her.

3. What Simpsons character are you most like and why?

As a wearer of hamburger earmuffs, I’m most like Professor Frink.

4. Are your friends and family fans of the Simpsons?

My friends are definitely fans of the show, and for the most part, my family is too.

5. What is your favorite quote from a Simpsons episode?

I’ve always liked Jasper’s take on classroom discipline in “The PTA Disbands:”
Talking out of turn… that's a paddlin’
Looking out the window... that's a paddlin’
Staring at my sandals... that's a paddlin’
Paddlin’ the school canoe… oh, you better believe that's a paddlin’

6. What types of Simpsons collectibles do you collect?

WoS and the DVDs are the only items I really seek out, but a few miscellaneous collectables will sometimes catch my eye.

7. What item in your collection is your favorite?

THoH 2: Kang, Kodos and the Alien Ship environment really stand out in my collection.

8. What is the most outrageous (or difficult) thing you have done to obtain a Simpsons collectible?

Before I started pre-ordering, the hunt for new items was always difficult.

9. What's the most you ever spent on a Simpsons collectible?

Main Street at retail: $60

10. What World of Springfield figure would you most like to see (that has not been announced)?

The Barflies, Sam and Larry.

11. Are you a completist? An opener or a MIMP collector? Why?

As the line has grown, I decided to pass on a few of the figures (mostly variants) that I have little/no interest in. Luckily, these figures are fairly easy to find on the secondary market, so I may end up with a complete collection again some day.

I’m an opener, but I also have an additional set of the figures in waves 1-6 MOC.

12. What are your favorite television shows (excluding the Simpsons)?

I also watch Futurama, Seinfeld, King of the Hill, Freaks and Geeks, The Critic and plenty of others.

13. What celebrity do you want to see guest star on the Simpsons?

Although David Mirkin once joked that he was “too cartoon-y for the Simpsons,” I’d like to see Chris Elliot guest star at some point.

14. How and when did you find the SCS site?

I first found the SCS when Bill LaRue posted an announcement link on his Collecting Simpsons! website. Although I didn’t join the message board right away, I was definitely a fan of the site since the early days.

15. In what ways do you think the hobby of collecting Simpsons has changed in the past few years?

The Internet has significantly changed collecting of all stripes. Not only is it easier to locate even the most specific information about a collectable, but also buy/sell/trade with other collectors from around the world.

16. What was the first Simpsons item you ever bought?

Probably one of the infamous Bart Simpson T-shirts that were everywhere after the show premiered.

17. What is the one Simpsons item you want the most but do not have?

At this point, I don’t have any animation cells. I’m not sure how well they fit into my budget though.

18. What else do you collect?

I also collect CDs/LPs, DVDs and a few other action figures.

19. Who influenced you the most from the show (be it character, writer, actor, etc.)?

Not only is this a tough question but it also requires a lengthy response. In the interest of keeping this interview short, I’ll say “everyone.”

20. Anything you would like to add?

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the SCS staff for maintaining such an informative and well organized website and message board.

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