Our Toy Fair coverage continues with a look at Rocket USA, maker of tin toys and retro-style collectibles.

Wind-Up Homer

Toy Fair 2004 - Rocket USA - Windup Homers

Rocket USA had three versions of their classic Wind-Up Homer on display: the original version, the Fishing Homer, and the new green shirt version.

Magnetic Signs

Toy Fair 2004 - Rocket USA - Magnetic Signs Toy Fair 2004 - Rocket USA - Magnetic Signs

These new magnetic signs were also on display. Each one comes with a few magnetic pins to attach notes to. These signs have legs in the back like a picture frame to enable them to stand up well. They also had Futurama models.

Deluxe Wind-Up Motion Games

Toy Fair 2004 - Rocket USA - Bowling Lane Toy Fair 2004 - Rocket USA - Pool Table

These two wind-up motion games (the Moe's Tavern Pool Table and Homer's Bowling Alley) are out now and can be found at specialty shops like the MediaPlay chain of stores.

Miscellaneous Items

Toy Fair 2004 - Rocket USA - Boxing Toys Toy Fair 2004 - Rocket USA - Miscellaneous Items

Also on display were a number of previously released items: the inflatable Krusty the Klown punching doll, inflatable Boxing Homer punching doll, Itchy and Scratchy Pain-O-Meter, and Krusty In The Box.

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