Time for another installment of 20 Questions, this time with member Chicken Necks.

1. How long have you been watching "The Simpsons"?

Since I was 6 I actually remember the watching the first FOX episode because I wanted a dog like SLH.

2. Who is your favorite Simpsons character?

Not sure I can answer this one, as I do not have a clear favorite. I guess Moe is (and has always been) in my top 3. I love Hank Azaria and Moe’s dark humor. I also must give Maggie some Props, as she is an extremely under-rated character since she doesn’t speak but if you watch her in a given scene she always does great stuff.

3. What Simpsons character are you most like and why?

Wow, another hard one, I guess I am a mixture of Lisa and Bart. I am always making smart-arse comments to my friends but they tend to be over their heads often. Also I haven’t changed my clothes for 15 years :)

4. Are your friends and family fans of the Simpsons?

Of course, if they didn’t like the show I would simply replace them. They aren’t simpsycho or anything but they have seen them all and enjoy the show.

5. What is your favorite quote from a Simpsons episode?

Geez, I like all the proverb type stuff such as. Marge: “Aim low, aim so low that no one will care if you fail” Homer: “Trying is the first step towards failure” and so on.

6. What types of Simpsons collectibles do you collect?

WoS, Bendies, BK, Ornaments, DVDs, Springfield Citizens (and other Hamilton statues), any Simpson’s book I can get my hands on (non-comic book that is), Blockos, Bongos (as they are different from WoS) and the two cars (they should make more). Plus several (twelve to be exact) other shelves of random stuff I have picked up here and there.

7. What item in your collection is your favorite?

Either Boxing Homer, Frank Grimes, Kang\Kodos, or Corporal Punishment\Mr. Teeny (Bendies)

8. What is the most outrageous (or difficult) thing you have done to obtain a Simpsons collectible?

I pushed down a little girl who took the last THoH II at TRU I think she died or something…I kid I kid. I haven’t really done anything outrageous such as pay a crazy high amount for any fig or go a crazy far distance. Actually collecting in Milwaukee is pretty easy as it is a middle sized city i.e. plenty of store.

9. What's the most you ever spent on a Simpsons collectible?

I guess it was Main street, not sure exactly how much it was $60? Maybe also the flashback set which was like $50 or so (with shipping).

10. What World of Springfield figure would you most like to see (that has not been announced)?

Leon Kompowski, Emily Winthrope, Don Brodka, Poochie, Stampy, Laddie…oh you probably want just one as I could go on for days well then I would have to say John or Roger Myers jr. (sorry 2 is they best I can do)-(This was written before PM served the death sentence now I want any and everything I can get)

11. Are you a completist? An opener or a MIMP collector? Why?

I am a completists and an opener although I have many doubles which I keep MIMP. I am a completist because if I do something I do it all out, and an opener because they are toys. I am not in it for the $ but for the fun and enjoyment of being able to hold they wonder works of art in my hands, plus I think they look crazy sweet on my shelves.

12. What are your favorite television shows (excluding the Simpsons)?

24, Survivor, Mole, Family Guy, Good Eats (food network), sports and more sports

13. What celebrity do you want to see guest star on the Simpsons?

Conan O’Brien (a larger role this time)

14. How and when did you find the SCS site?

Hmm…I guess it was around September of 2002, my R.A. was a big Simpsons fan and told me to go to since it rocked. He was very correct.

15. In what ways do you think the hobby of collecting Simpsons has changed in the past few years?

The sheer volume has increased. In the early 90s there was a huge influx in the amount of Simpsons stuff (mostly Bart stuff) and then it kind of died down, and then picked up a few years ago (about 1999 or so). Plus the Internet has made it easier to get stuff as you can pre-order stuff or find things on eBay.

16. What was the first Simpsons item you ever bought?

Either the original Mattel action figure bendy guys or the original trading cards (the ones with trivia question on the back and a puzzle of Sir-Putt-A-Lot’s).

17. What is the one Simpsons item you want the most but do not have?

The house in Nevada, Duh (even though it has been changed). I have a pretty sizable collection so I guess right now I want series 15 then 16, 17, 18, 19 and so on. I want whatever is new.

18. What else do you collect?

Used to collect PEZ but now The Simpsons are life, and life is good.

19. Who influenced you the most from the show (be it character, writer, actor, etc.)?

Probably Hank Azaria, He is so versatile doing half a kajillion voices and has a great sense of humor, plus he does a ton of adlibs that actually make it to the show. I must also say that Conan is high on my list too.

20. Anything you would like to add?

Surprisingly no. Oh wait VIVA LA WoS!!(If only for a few more months)

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