Troy: "Welcome back! To present the award for Best WoS Accessory, coming from the umm, next century, is Future Burns and Future Smithers."

Future Burns: "Ohh Bobo, I hope you win. You're my number one friend."

[*Future Smithers looks sad*]

Future Burns: "And the winner is, why it's Blinky the 3-Eyed Fish."

Future Burns: "Curse this blasted fish! Too long has it thwarted me."

Troy walks over...

Troy: "Ohhh, what a nice trophy. I never noticed until now what a unique and beautiful fish you are, Blinky. So, so beautiful...."


Back on Main Street, The Indigestible Bulk takes the podium with Captain Kwik and Ms. Krabappel behind him.

Indigestible Bulk: "Ohh, I wish I was WoS. I also wish we weren't cancelled so quickly. Anyway, we are here to present the award for Best Non-WoS Item, which we weren't even nominated for! D'oh! Anyway, the winner is... the Hit 'N' Run videogame!"

Back at Town Square...

Tux Krusty: "Hey hey! All right, I'm taking over for Troy, who is dealing with some... personal... issues. Remember you twerps, I get paid by the hour and sincerity is extra! Anyway, the next presenter is Hans Moleman yada yada yada."

Hans Moleman: "I am here to present for the Best Cancelled WoS Item. You know I was cancelled once. [*hears crickets*] Ohh, nobody loves me. And the winner is, Maude Flanders!"

Ned Flanders: "Well thank-diddly-ank you for this kind award. If Maude were here, and not up in WoS Heaven with Skateboard Homer and the Manimals, I know she would thank you too. [*wipes away tear*]"

Back at Main Street...

Bill: "We're pleased to introduce, as the presenter for the Best Exclusive Figure award, Glow-In-The-Dark Homer!"

GITD Homer: "Ohhh, I'm out of the package."

Comic Book Guy: "Ohh OHH! This is a travesty! Such a rare collectible out of his original packaging... can't breath... need to go get fresh air and... social life... ohhhh!"

GITD Homer: "What the...? Anyway, the winner is Duffman! Let's look inside Moe's and see what he's up to."

Duffman: "Ohh yea! Everything's coming up Duffman!"

At Town Square, Lurleen Lumpkin takes the podium.

Lurleen: "Hi. I'm happy to be getting some work. I am here to present the award for Best Exclusive Environment. The winner is, my my, no surprise here, it's Main Street again!"

Marty: "Huh? Main Street won? Ohh, well we weren't prepared for that. Umm, well I'm sure Main Street appreciates all the awards. Anyway, as long as we're back here, let's introduce the next presenter, for the Best Custom Figure. It's the 2001 award-winner as a custom, Frank Grimes, or 'Grimey' as he prefers to be called."

"Grimey": [*sigh*] "I'm dead. I don't even know why I'm here. Eh, let's just get this over with. The winner is... Frogurt Guy by SCS member BabyGerald."

BabyGerald (speaking for Frogurt Guy): "I'd like to thank my fellow SCS customizers for their guidance and creativity, Jebus, the haters - mostly family and close friends, my bank for tirelessly waiving their 'insufficient funds' fees after clay benders, my P.O. and the psycho Michaels' employee who asked me suggestively, 'Whatcha gonna do with all those razor blades?'

[Cue "Play-Off" Music]

Si se puede! Peace out. [Drops Mic, Exits]"

Back at Town Square...

Tux Krusty: "Our next presenter needs no introduction. The one, the only... inanimate carbon rod!!! Oh yea, and he's here with 2000 custom figure winner Deep Space Homer."

Deep Space Homer: "D'oh! Ohh, I'll just introduce the winner. It's for Best Custom Playset. The winner is Zen411's custom set of Burns' Office."

Zen411 (speaking for his set): "Thank you very much for the overwhelming show of support. Having been on SCS since the beginning of WOS, it's sweet to win a Blinky! It really means a lot!  Maybe McFarlane will produce a Burns' Office set eventually... Thanks again!"


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