In June, I created a custom figure of Evil Homer, using a Casual Homer as the base figure. While not a complete "recipe", I hope you'll find the following to be useful information.

Evil Homer Custom Figure:

Some Tips/How-to Info:

1) Evil Homer is customized from a Casual Homer figure (wave 4)

2) Use a Dremel to get rid of the underwear, nipples and navel

3) Use your Dremel to get rid of his toes and round out the feet

4) Using a hobby saw, hobby knife and/or Dremel, cut a V-shaped notch from the back of either of Homer's legs so that the leg is just barely hanging on by the front-middle of the leg; then, super-glue or epoxy the leg to the body, which gives it the jaunty dancing angle you see here.

5) Shape the horns with Sculpey (or other clay you prefer)

6) I used plastic rod that I got at a hobby shop for the marracas and sculpted on top of that

7) I used a piece of red rubber insulation that was originally part of a test lead set. You should be able to use any heavily-insulated red wire the proper diameter. Remove the stranded wire and insert a thicker, posable wire in it's place. Glue a sculpted fork to the end of the rubber tail. Glue the rubber tail to the figure.

Problems I have encountered:

1) Boiling the Sculpey (I guess for too long) left Homer pinkish instead of fire-engine red. I have since had to repaint him

2) The boiled Sculpey is also very brittle. One of his marracas keeps breaking and the horns have now broken off three times

3) The tail also tends to break and flake apart if you try to sand it, and when I attempt to attach the tail to Homer again. Use the insulation from some thick rubber wire to create the flexible portion of the tail.

Good Homer's Grave (general directions):

1) To create a "Good Homer's Grave" for Evil Homer to dance on, get some sort of toy sampler (such as a Yak-Bak or the e-Message compact) or talking photo frame.

2) Remove the electronics if the shape of yours is not conducive to making into a grave-shape.

3) Wire up alternate normally-open momentary switches as needed for the record and playback functions. Wire up an audio jack (1/8" or RCA recommended) in place of the microphone in the sampler.

4) Sculpt a gravemound and somehow attach the electronics and/or the switches to the mound.

5) I used a small plastic box as the headstone on my unit. Both switches and the jack are installed in the headstone for convenience and the speaker remains in the grave.

Here is another description I made of the process of creating the Good Homer's Grave...

"The electronics for the "playstand" are made from a Barbie e-Message Compact, which lets you record a short phrase and play it back.

Basically I have wired two push button momentary switches from Radio Shack in place of the normal switches. I have wired an RCA jack in place of the microphone, and removed the switch that required that you insert a small necklace-key into the compact.

The two switches and the RCA jack are housed in a small clear plastic box. The wiring was fairly simple, so if you know how to do this type of thing, it should be easy for you.

After I finished the wiring and put the compact back together, I hooked up the headphone output (set fairly low) from my computer to the RCA input and played a sample while recording it into the compact.

So now it says "I am Evil Homer, I am Evil Homer." (twice)"

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