There are several Simpsons fonts out there for your enjoyment. This tip will show you how to install and use those fonts with your PC computer.

The ones that I know about are called "Groening", "Akbar", "Springbats", "Mugshots" and "Springbats Deluxe".

The best of these two (because if you have these you don't really need the others) are "Akbar" and "Springbats" made by

So... today's Tech Tip will be on how to install these fonts on your Windows PC. Macintosh users should reference the instructions that akbar gives on his site... sorry that I cannot help you.

The first step is to download each font. Akbar is the font that has Simpsons-style lettering, based on Matt Groening's handwriting. Springbats Deluxe is like the "Dingbats" or "Wingdings" fonts... a collection of symbols/graphics of characters from the show.

Follow the links from Akbar's Groening Downloads page to download the fonts.

You are looking for the link that says:
"Download the AKBAR TrueType font for Windows (compressed zip file)"
And the link that says:
"Download the Springbats Deluxe TrueType font for Windows (compressed zip file)"

He has asked that the files be not linked directly, but if you run into any trouble finding the files, let me know and I will help you out.

1. Save the files in the folder "C:\ Windows\Desktop" or wherever you store temporary files.
2. You will need WinZip or some other utility which is able to read Zip files in order to extract the fonts. Make sure that you have a program to do this (the icon of the file will look like a file cabinet between the arms of a vise if you do have the program installed).
3. Double-click on the to open the ZIP archive.
4. Extract the file to "C:\ windows\desktop" or another location where you store temporary files. If you need assistance with the extraction, let me know... it's kinda complicated to describe but easy once you get the hang of it.
5. If you extracted the "readme" file, go ahead and read it. It gives instructions and tells you to email akbar if you use the font.
6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for the Springbats Deluxe font if you plan on installing it.
7. Click on the "Start" button located in the lower left hand corner of your desktop.
8. Select "Settings" from the menu.
9. Select the "Control Panel" option from the "Settings" menu.
10. Open the "Fonts" applet (icon) inside the "Control Panel" window.
11. Click on the "File" menu and select "Install New Font" from the menu.
12. In the little "Folders" window, scroll down to where it says "Desktop" under C:\ Windows and double-click on the word "Desktop". If you saved the files in another location, browse to that location using the drop-down drive list box and the folder list box.
13. You should now see "Akbar (True Type)" and "Springbats Deluxe Regular (True Type)" in the "List of fonts" box at the top of the "Add Fonts" window. Select both of them by holding down the control key and clicking on each in turn.
14. Click on OK after you have both fonts selected.
15. You may delete the files from your desktop by moving them to the "Recycle Bin" or selecting them and then hitting the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

DON'T FORGET! These fonts are "email-ware" and you should email and thank him for these great fonts, which many members are using in their signatures!

- Install the Akbar Font

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