So you're new around here, eh? We thought we'd help you get settled in by giving you a step-by-step guide to how to become a part of our community and take advantage of the many resources on the site and on the message board.

1) Register with EZ Board - link

Registration is required to post on our forums. Rules for registration is that you should not register for more than one username without letting an administrator (markwars1972, phalen180, blueduck37 or spanikopita) know that you'll be changing your username. Please keep your username "clean" as we have many younger members.

2) Make sure you have your email address in your profile - link to article

We understand our user's desire for privacy, but it is important that we be able to contact you should there be any sort of problem. For this reason we strongly encourage all of our users to include an email address in their profile. It is always possible to get a free email account from a service such as Yahoo! or Hotmail if you are worried about receiving spam.

It is a REQUIREMENT that you have an email address in your profile if you want to participate in our Buy, Sell and Trade forums.

3) Register with our website - link

Our website offers many cool features for registered users, including image hosting (collections pics, member photo, custom figure images, etc -- primarily intended for users of the message board), World of Springfield checklists, collector and group locations listings, etc.

4) Update your profile - link

Make sure to let us know your birthday so we can send you warm wishes and your location so collectors near each other can find each other and help each other find new, hot collectibles.

5) Read Our FAQ - link

It's important that you understand the rules of the message board and the signature rules before you post on the board. Please read them carefully, and at least glance over the rest of the FAQ.

6) Upload A Personal Photo and/or Image for Your Signature - link

Many of our members like to jazz up their posts with a personal photo (small image below their username) or an image in their signature. We provide hosting for images which are going to be used for this purpose. Use the category "Personal Photo" for uploading either of these types of images. You can also upload pics of yourself, your collection, custom figures, etc.

Make sure that the images are the correct size before you upload them, or email us with a request to resize the image for you. Make sure to include your username in your email! Here're some instructions on uploading images and an article on putting a picture below your board name if you would like specific instructions.

7) Look Over Recent and Upcoming Releases - link

You can get a good idea of what's out there on the shelves and what is coming out and when by looking over the merchandise release section of our website.

8) Come on Over and Say Hello - link

We always love to welcome new members, so come on over and post a message on the board in the Moe's Tavern forum.

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