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Showroom Display

Playmates Toys showroom display and company executive Jeff Trojan.

Playmates Toys employee Dave, promotional sign, and displays.

World of Springfield Series 8

Series 8 figures including Daredevil Bart, Ragin' Willie, Uter, Sherri & Terri, Kearney, and Superintendent Chalmers. Tentative release date: March, 2002.

World of Springfield Assortment D Interactive Environments

Springfield DMV w/ Selma Bouvier and Springfield Elementary Cafeteria w/ Lunchlady Doris. The default sounds are a rubber stamp stamping in the DMV and a glop of food dropping on a tray in the Cafeteria. Tentative release date: March, 2002.

World of Springfield Series 9

Series 9 figures including Sunday Best Lisa, Sunday Best Grampa, Busted Krusty, Rod & Todd, Disco Stu, and Prison Bob. Tentative release date: June, 2002.

World of Springfield Assortment E Interactive Environments

Retirement Castle w/ Jasper and Police Station w/ Eddie. Tentative release date: June, 2002.

World of Springfield Series 10

Series 10 figures including Stonecutter Homer, Dr. Marvin Monroe, Sunday Best Marge & Maggie, Wendell, Agnes Skinner, and Resort Smithers. Tentative release date: September, 2002.

World of Springfield Assortment F Interactive Environments

Doctor's Office w/ Nick Riviera and Burns Manor w/ PJ Burns. Tentative release date: September, 2002.

All-Star Voices Series 2

Lionel Hutz (Phil Hartman) and Brad Goodman (Albert Brooks). Rabbi Krustofski (Jackie Mason) has been cancelled. Tentative release date: May, 2002.

All-Star Voices Series 3

Negotiations are still ongoing for the tentative line-up of Lyle Lanley (Phil Hartman), Llewellyn Sinclair (Jon Lovitz), and Hank Scorpio (Albert Brooks). Tentative release date: August, 2002.

All-Star Voices Series 4

Negotiations are still ongoing for the tentative line-up of Artie Ziff (Jon Lovitz), Mindy Simmons (Michelle Pfeiffer), and Number One (Patrick Stewart). Tentative release date: November, 2002.

Exclusive Main Street Interactive Environment

Toys "R" Us exclusive Main Street w/ Crazy Old Man. The set will have 6 resistor pegs, each figure released so far will speak at least one line, and the suggested retail price is $59.99.

Exclusive 2-pack Interactive Environments

Toys "R" Us exclusive Mobile Home w/ Colonel Homer and Lurleen Lumpkin and EB/Diamond exclusive High School Prom w/ High School Homer Simpson and High School Marge Bouvier.

Treehouse of Horror III

Toys "R" Us exclusive. No other information available.

Holiday Set

Toys "R" Us exclusive themed to an unknown holiday. No other information available.

Exclusive Bongo Comics Figures

KB Toys exclusive Bongo Comics Homer as the Incredible Bulk, Apu as Captain Kwik, and Mrs. Krabappel as Vampiredna. KB Toys will also get two additional waves with three Bongo Comics figures each. Characters under consideration for those sets include Bartman, Marge as the Entangler, Lisa as the Jazzler, Maggie as Brainbaby, Grampa as Oldblood member Coda, and Skinner as The Stickler. These figures do not have voice chips.

Talking Elementary School Bus

Talking Elementary School Bus. Tentative release date: June, 2002.

Mini-figure Episode Multi-packs

Homer at the Bat and Deep Space Homer mini-figure multi-pack sets. These are 3", non-talking figures with 4 points of articulation at a suggested retail price of $9.99 per set. Tentative release dates: one in June, 2002 and the other in November, 2002.

Exclusive Blockos

Diamond Comics exclusive Blocko 3-packs with backdrops and Toys "R" Us exclusive Blocko 9-pack.

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