Time for another installment of 20 Questions, this time with member JWLJN.

1. How long have you been watching "The Simpsons"?

The first time I saw The Simpsons was on December 17th, 1989, the day after my 7th birthday. I watched till about the end of the 2nd season and then dropped off until my best friend got me back into it earlier this year.

2. Who is your favorite Simpsons character?

Ralph Wiggum is my all-time fave. You can't beat his lines, his innocence, and my collection is based around him. He is followed by Comic Book Guy and Lisa.

3. What Simpsons character are you most like and why?

I'd say a mix of Ralph and Bart.

4. Are your friends and family fans of the Simpsons?

My mom got into it thanks to my obsession and my dad knows the characters. A few of my friends are as well as my aunt and cousins.

5. What is your favorite quote from a Simpsons episode?

Anything from Ralph, or Nelson's lines in his visit to Branson. You know..."ANDY WILLIAMS....!"

6. What types of Simpsons collectibles do you collect?

Well, I started with the Mattel figures in 1990, which I still have. I restarted my collecting with WoS and buy every item made for that line, and buy what I like from the rest of the merchandising. I will buy anything with Ralph on it, though.

7. What item in your collection is your favorite?

The Christmas set or the first THOH, probably.

8. What is the most outrageous (or difficult) thing you have done to obtain a Simpsons collectible?

Well, I went to TRU everyday for both the THOH2 and Christmas Set. It paid off.

9. What's the most you ever spent on a Simpsons collectible?

Over $100 for THOH1.

10. What World of Springfield figure would you most like to see (that has not been announced)?

Barry White, if they decide to do celebs as themselves. If not, Sarah Wiggum or Brandine.

11. Are you a completist? An opener or a MIMP collector? Why?

I'm a completist of WoS and an opener. I can't see how anyone could keep these MOC. I do, however, buy a second of my favorites to keep MOC.

12. What are your favorite television shows (excluding the Simpsons)?

Pro wrestling and classic comedies...All in the Family, I Love Lucy, The Golden Girls, all those great shows. The Simpsons is the only first run show that does anything for me.

13. What celebrity do you want to see guest star on the Simpsons?

Hard to say, most of my faves have been on already. Maybe Vince McMahon. That'd be interesting.

14. How and when did you find the SCS site?

Early summer when I started collecting WoS. I found it through the site with the person who stole all the pictures.

15. In what ways do you think the hobby of collecting Simpsons has changed in the past few years?

Considering I took a big lull in Simpsons collecting from '90 to '01, I can't really answer that. Obviously it's gone up with all the new items coming out.

16. What was the first Simpsons item you ever bought?

The Burger King camping toys or the Bartman button.

17. What is the one Simpsons item you want the most but do not have?

I guess the GITD Homer since it's the only WoS figure I need. I don't want it because I like it, I think it's the worst exclusive ever, I just want it to have it.

18. What else do you collect?

I'd say my biggest collections would be wrestling memorabilia with a heavy emphasis on figures (mainly older) and videos. I also still have most of my childhood figure collections of SW, MOTU, TMNT, etc. which are all about 85% or more complete.

19. Who influenced you the most from the show (be it character, writer, actor, etc.)?

Matt Groening. He started it all. He took a fictional town with hilarious fictional characters and made most of them household names. And even though it was fictional, you can look at the characters and say, "Dang, I know someone who reminds me of him/her." Also, watching a scene on the schoolyard will always bring me back to my days on the schoolyard. I think everyone knew a Ralph or a Nelson or a Sherri & Terri.

20. Anything you would like to add?

Chocolate microscopes?

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