Hello and welcome back to the Simpsons Collector Sector! As you may know, our old webhost suffered attacks in early February and much of our site's content was lost and interactive features crippled ... it was unclear when we would be able to bring them back up. However, with the help of our great members, staff began work immediately on obtaining archived copies of the data and creating a plan to rebuild the site . The first big task was to find a new webhost - a dedicated server to accomodate our high level of traffic. We held a fund drive for the costs, our goal was reached in a matter of days and we obtained a new server from

The first things that were accomplished were the restoration of recent News Archives (most of which were recovered) and our FAQ. The behind-the-scenes rebuild of the site's other features then began in earnest and was completed on Sunday March 31, 2002.

Please sign up for an account again and begin to explore these rebuilt or restored features:

  • WoS Phrase Database: This has been rebuilt and updated with quotes and related info through Series 8 / Assortment D. The Price Guide has been updated for March, 2002. The unreleased figures and environments section has updated with 2002 info.
  • Merchandise Release Guide: All release entries for past and current Simpsons products were checked and rewritten where needed. New listings for items lost in the crash were rewritten. Upcoming release pages were updated or created for the newly announced 2002 products.
  • SCS Magazine: All magazine articles (Interviews, Articles, Reviews, Customs Corner, Tech Tips, and 20 Questions) have been recovered or rewritten. A host of new 20 Questions articles have been added.
  • Links: updated and checked for continued accuracy.
  • WoS Geek Code: This is a new and fun addition to the site.
  • About The Staff: This brand new page was created to give visiters a chance to get to know the site's staff a little bit better.

Members Only:

  • Update Profile: member profile updating got easier - now change your location, email, password, birthdate and anything else we add from one page.
  • Upload an Image: This is what you've all been waiting for! The triumphant return of image hosting for collection pics, EZ board personal photos and (small) signature pics.

You should also notice that the format of many of the pages has been improved, simplified and cleaned up from the older formats.

We would like to thank our members and visitors for their patience while we rebuilt the site and phalen180, blueduck37, markwars1972 and b0b frankend0rfer for their efforts rebuilding the site. An unfortunate circumstance may have caused this overhaul, but we see it as a positive step forward for our community nonetheless. Thank you all for your continued support of the Simpsons Collector Sector!

If you notice any errors, please send us an email to as soon as possible.

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